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Practically Religious: Worldly Benefits and the Common Religion of Japan
Praying for practical benefits is a common religious activity in Japan. Basing their work on a fusion of textual, ethnographic, historical and contemporary studies, the authors of this volumeExpand
Religions of Japan in practice
This anthology reflects a range of Japanese religions in their complex, sometimes conflicting, diversity. In the tradition of the Princeton Readings in Religions series, the collection presentsExpand
9. The Orthodox Heresy of Buddhist Funerals
Playing with Religion
The relationship between religion and the media as reported by Christal Whelan, Benjamin Dorman, Jolyon Thomas and Ian Reader vary to the degree that religion and its capacity to induce personalExpand
Electronic banking systems
Description de l'histoire des systemes bancaires electroniques japonais et des technologies prevues par Fryitsu
Japanese Buddhist Temples in Hawaii: An Illustrated Guide
Upon entering a Japanese Buddhist temple in Hawai'i, most people - whether first-time visitors or lifelong members - are overwhelmed by the elaborate and complex display of golden ornaments,Expand