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Mites of the genus Holostaspella (Acari: Gamasida: Macrochelidae) in Indonesia
The genus Holostaspella of the family Macrochelidae is reviewed in Indonesia, two species are recorded for the first time from Indonesia, and two new species are described.
Javanese Species of the Mite Genus Macrocheles (Arachnida: Acari: Gamasina: Macrochelidae)
Fifteen species of the genus Macrocheles, including 3 species already recorded but not collected in this research (M. crispa, M. krantzi and M. subbadius), are known from Java up to date.
Obligate myrmecophily in an oribatid mite
1. Pelosi, R, Maida, R.: Chem. Sense. 15, 205 (1990) 2. Vogt, R. G., Prestwich, G. D., Lerner, M. R.: J. Neurobiol. 22, 74 (1991) 3. Breer, H., Boeckhoff, I., Krieger, J., Raining, K., Strotmann, J.,
Aribatidae, a new myrmecophilous oribatid mite family from Java
Abstract A new oribatid mite, Aribates javensis gen. et sp. nov., is described from ant nests in West Java, Indonesia. It is quite peculiar in lacking sensilli as well as in the variable number of
Brood parasitism by mites (Uropodidae) in an invasive population of the pest-ant Pheidole megacephala
It is reported that in Okinawa Island (southern Japan) the pupae of the invasive ant Pheidole megacephala were parasitized by an undescribed Uropodidae mite species, the first case of such high parasitism in an invasive ant population.
First report of Macrocheles scutatiformis (Acari: Macrochelidae) found on insects and soil beneath animal carcasses in Malaysia
A species of mesostigmatid mite, Macrocheles scutatiformis was discovered and this is a first time reported in Malaysia, and it has a potential role in forensic investigation involving dead animals perhaps corpses especially during the dry stage of decomposition.