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Correcting nuisance variation using Wasserstein distance
We develop a general framework for adjusting the image embeddings in order to “forget” domain-specific information while preserving relevant biological information. Expand
Stochastic Reductions for Inertial Fluid-Structure Interactions Subject to Thermal Fluctuations
We present analysis for the reduction of an inertial description of uid-structure in- teractions subject to thermal uctuations. Expand
Trapped modes in linear quantum stochastic networks with delays
Networks of open quantum systems with feedback have become an active area of research for applications such as quantum control, quantum communication and coherent information processing. A canonicalExpand
Factorization of Linear Quantum Systems with Delayed Feedback
We consider the transfer functions describing the input-output relation for a class of linear open quantum systems involving feedback with nonzero time delays. We show how such transfer functions canExpand
Model Reductions in Quantum Optical Devices
A major obstacle in designing quantum photonic systems is the exponential scaling in simulation complexity as a function of network size. On the other hand, in many applications, the individualExpand
The first three rungs of the cosmological distance ladder
It is straightforward to determine the size of the Earth and the distance to the Moon without using a telescope. The methods have been known since the third century BCE. However, few astronomers haveExpand