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Online dating preferences of Asian Americans
This study investigates the inter- and intraracial dating preferences of heterosexual Asian males and females as well as gay Asian males. Using data collected from 1270 Internet dating profiles,Expand
Racial Preferences in Internet Dating: A Comparison of Four Birth Cohorts
Few would dispute that dating preferences are consistently shaped by various social institutions and psychological factors (Dalmage 2006; Gullickson 2006; Yancey 2002). This is especially true forExpand
Asian gangs in the United States: The current state of the research literature
Since the late 1980s, criminologists have been interestedin analyzing Asian gangs. Despite the rather sharp increasein books and articles published on the subject in the1990s, there appears to existExpand
Baby boomers and beyond: Crossing racial boundaries in search for love
Abstract This study investigates interracial dating preferences between black and white daters over the age of 45. Using data from one of the largest matchmaking website ( N  = 1335), logisticExpand
Beyond the lenses of the 'model' minority myth: a descriptive portrait of Asian gang members
When viewed under the lenses of the ‘model’ minority myth, Asian youths are often portrayed as academic ‘overachievers’ who strictly adhere to the norms and values of society. Although empiricallyExpand
Searching for relief: racial differences in treatment of patients with back pain
It is concluded that prejudice and racial stereotyping among physicians are the most plausible explanations for the racial/ethnic differences in pain treatment. Expand
Differing shades of colour: online dating preferences of biracial individuals
ABSTRACT The racial and ethnic makeup of the United States has become increasingly diverse over the past few decades. Growing rates of interracial dating and marriage have led to an increasing numberExpand
Citizenship status and arrest patterns in the United States: evidence from the arrestee drug abuse monitoring program
The purpose of the study was to estimate associations between citizenship status and arrest for crimes among male arrestees. The primary hypothesis was that citizenship status (a rough proxy forExpand
Offending Patterns Among Southeast Asians in the State of California
Abstract Using California's Monthly Arrest and Citation Register (MACR) data collected by the California Department of Justice for the years 1991-1996, this study examined odds of arrest for variousExpand