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Seasonal variation on the ectoparasitic communities of Nile tilapia cultured in three regions in southern Brazil.
The results showed that the majority of examined fish had higher infestations by protozoan during autumn and winter and higher infestation by metazoan have occurred in spring and summer. Expand
First record of Chilodonella hexasticha (Ciliophora: Chilodonellidae) in Brazilian cultured fish: a morphological and pathological assessment.
Chilodonelids are small ciliated protozoans found worldwide and can be dangerous in culture conditions. This study presents morphometric data on the ciliate Chilodonella that is found in culturedExpand
Haematological changes in Nile tilapia experimentally infected with Enterococcus sp.
There was significant increase in the number of neutrophils in saline injected fish and reduced number of monocytes after injections with 1 x 10(6) CFU/mL of Enterococcus. Expand
Parasite diversity in Oxydoras niger (Osteichthyes: Doradidae) from the basin of Solimões River, Amazonas state, Brazil, and the relationship between monogenoidean and condition factor.
There was a positive correlation between the number of monogenoideans and the condition factor (Kn) of fish, and with this mean intensity of infection, fish welfare was not affected and O. niger has a great parasite diversity composed mainly of monogeneans followed by acanthocephalan and digenean. Expand
Haematological and histopathological analysis in South American fish Piaractus mesopotamicus parasitized by monogenean (Dactylogyridae).
Hematological and parasitological assessments and Histopathology revealed severe hyperplasia, sub-epithelial edema, fusion of the secondary lamellae, focal and multifocal necrosis in highly parasitized fish. Expand
Seasonal influence on the hematological parameters in cultured Nile tilapia from southern Brazil.
The influence of seasonality and the handling characteristics of each fish farm on certain hematological parameters in Nile tilapia was demonstrated and neutrophilia was only observed in winter and autumn in fish from Blumenau and Ituporanga. Expand
PARASITIC INFESTATIONS IN HYBRID SURUBIM CATFISH FRY (Pseudoplatystoma reticulatum x P. corruscans)
This study evaluated parasitic infestations in the hybrid surubim catfish ( Pseudoplatystoma reticulatum ♀ x P. corruscans ♂) during the initial phase of rearing. 50 fish of lengths ranging from 5.7Expand
Microhabitat of monogenea and copepodids of lernaea cyprinacea on the gills of four brazilian freshwater fish
It is highlighted the fact that under culture conditions, homogeneous distribution of parasites on the gills may occur andCopepodids of Lernaea cyprinacea Linnaeus 1758 showed no microhabitat preference. Expand
The hematological profile of farmed Sorubim lima: reference intervals, cell morphology and cytochemistry.
The blood reference intervals in an important native South American catfi sh farmed in the Brazilian Pantanal wetland, Sorubim lima, are determined, and the morphological and cytochemical characteristics of the cells are described. Expand
Effect of dietary supplementation with propolis and Aloe barbadensis extracts on hematological parameters and parasitism in Nile tilapia.
It is demonstrated that supplementation with mixtures of extracts did not produce hematological alterations and also favored a significant reduction in the number of gill parasites, which increased efficiency by 83 and 85% respectively. Expand