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Electronic filter design handbook
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Synthesis of Modulation Filters
The subclass of time-variable linear networks is considered which contains time-invariant components as well as ideal modulators one of whose inputs is a fixed periodic or almost periodic signal (theExpand
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On the Element Values of Filters
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The Design of Arithmetically Symmetrical Band-pass Filters
A method is described for the (insertion loss) design of wide-band band-pass filters to exhibit arithmetically symmetrical characteristics. The method consists of a periodic transformation of theExpand
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On the Realization of Crystal Band-Pass Filters
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Synthesis of multiple-feedback active filters
A synthesis technique is developed for the active RC realization of transfer functions that have all their transmission zeros on the imaginary (jω) axis. The method leads to a realization usingExpand
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DC operation of three-transistor gyrators
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The Synthesis of Narrow-Band Crystal Band-Elimination Filters
A new design theory is developed for the insertionloss synthesis of narrow-band crystal band-elimination filters. The theory is based on the narrow-band approximation and consequent pseudoreactanceExpand
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On the Realizability of Ladder Filters
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