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An essay on social capital: looking for the fire behind the smoke
Abstract Social capital is defined as the density of trust. It is related to production by a key hypothesis: social capital determines how easily people work together. An easy-to-use proxy (Putnam'sExpand
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Are large and complex agricultural cooperatives losing their social capital
During the last 20 years many traditionally organized agricultural cooperatives have been forced to abandon their business form. Explanations have been put forward, comprising a variety of economicExpand
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Missing Social Capital and the Transition in Eastern Europe
The transistion of the "Old Communist" countries of East and Central Europe has been disappointingly slow given the amount of physical and human capital available at the start of the transition. WeExpand
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The Creation And Destruction of Social Capital: Entrepreneurship, Co-operative Movements And Institutions
Is social capital the 'missing link' in economics? In this vital new book, the authors argue that the 'forgotten' production factor of social capital is as crucial in economic decision-making as theExpand
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The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)
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Industry lobbying and the political economy of GHG trade in the European Union
The European Union (EU) has committed itself to meet an 8% greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target level following the Kyoto agreement. In September 2003 the EU member states has agreed on theExpand
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Does social trust determine the size of the welfare state? Evidence using historical identification
Most modern welfare states offer an extensive array of services and benefits that are wholly or partly financed by tax revenue. One missing link in explaining the long-run sustainability of suchExpand
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Do Institutions or Culture Determine the Level of Social Trust? The Natural Experiment of Migration from Non-western to Western Countries
Do institutions or culture determine levels of social trust in society? If quality of institutions determines levels of social trust, migrants from countries with lower-quality institutions shouldExpand
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Measuring Social Capital: The Danish Co‐operative Dairy Movement
What are the roots of social capital and how can it be measured and built? Social capital is considered as a new production factor that must be added to the conventional concepts of human andExpand
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The Creation and Destruction of Social Capital
This book will contribute substantially to academic and popular debates on social capital and will be an invaluable source of reference for all social scientists. It will particularly appeal toExpand
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