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New evidence on the hydrothermal system in Long Valley caldera, California, from wells, fluid sampling, electrical geophysics, and age determinations of hot-spring deposits
Abstract Data collected since 1985 from test drilling, fluid sampling, and geologic and geophysical investigations provide a clearer definition of the hydrothermal system in Long Valley caldera thanExpand
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Helium isotope and gas discharge variations associated with crustal unrest in Long Valley Caldera, California, 1989–1992
The onset of anomalous seismic activity in 1989 beneath Mammoth Mountain on the southwestern rim of the Long Valley caldera, California, was followed within {approximately}4 months by a largeExpand
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Evidence for 600 year‐old basalt and magma mixing at Inyo Craters Volcanic Chain, Long Valley Caldera, California
Andesite inclusions are found within the vent areas of two 600-year-old rhyolite domes in the Inyo Craters volcanic chain, eastern California. Both domes lie within the present northwestern sector ofExpand
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Basement Structure and Implications for Hydrothermal Circulation Patterns in the Western Moat of Long Valley Caldera, California
Detailed surface mapping, subsurface drill hole data, and geophysical modeling are the basis of a structural and hydrothermal model for the western part of Long Valley caldera. Six fault zones areExpand
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Oxygen isotope evidence for past and present hydrothermal regimes of Long Valley caldera, California
Abstract Whole-rock oxygen isotope compositions of cores and cuttings from Long Valley exploration wells show that the Bishop Tuff has been an important reservoir for both fossil and activeExpand
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This paper integrates existing and new geologic information to develop a structural model of the Desert Peak geothermal system. The major structural features of the field include: 1) a horst blockExpand
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Results of Deep Drilling in the Western Moat of Long Valley California
Long Valley caldera has been explored for its potential geothermal resources for at least two decades. Unocal Geothermal drilled two deep test wells on the resurgent dome of the caldera during 1979.Expand
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Helium Isotope Systematics of Long Valley Caldera, California
Long Valley Caldera supports an active hydrothermal system that has varied through time. The current hydrothermal system has probably been active in the western part of the caldera for only the lastExpand
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