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Identification of unbalance in a rotor bearing system
Model based methods for fault identification in rotating systems are gaining importance for the last three decades due to their ability to identify both location and severity of the fault. ModelExpand
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Neural network approach to contingency screening and ranking in power systems
An artificial neural network approach to power system contingency analysis using fast voltage and line-flow contingency screening and ranking. Expand
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Implementation of a Real Time Passenger Information System
This paper describes the various components of our prototype implementation of a Real-time Passenger Information System (RTPIS) for a public transport system like a fleet of buses. Expand
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Design and Performance Evaluation Considerations of a Multimedia Medical Database
We present the design architecture and concepts used in our multimedia database system, along with its performance evaluation. Expand
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Analysis and Simulation Of Perturb and Observe Mppt Technique
As the energy demand and the environmental problems increase, the natural energy sources have become very important as an alternative to the conventional energy sources. Due to the capability of PVExpand
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Colour Image Clustering using K-Means
With the advancement in image capturing device, the image data has been generated at high volume. If images are analyzed properly, they can give useful information to the users. Content based imageExpand
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Power Quality Improvement Using Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based Dstatcom
Cascaded multilevel configuration of the inverter has the advantage of its simplicity and modularity over the configurations of the diode-clamped and flying capacitor multilevel inverters. This paperExpand
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Design of Nine Level Inverter Topology for Three Phase Induction Motor Drives
A new approach of nine levels cascaded H- bridge multilevel inverter is proposed for three phase induction motor drives. Multilevel inverter is used synthesize a nearby sinusoidal voltage fromExpand
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Coupling Misalignment in Rotating Machines: Modelling, Effects and Monitoring
After unbalance, coupling misalignment is the most common fault present in rotating machines. However, limited research has been carried out on coupling misalignment and its effects. The presentExpand
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Traditional English grammar and ELT
Apres avoir defini ce qu'est la grammaire traditionnelle de l'anglais, l'A. montre l'etendue de l'usage de cette grammaire par ceux qui construisent le materiel pedagogique et par les enseignantsExpand