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An internalizing pathway to alcohol use and disorder.
Research emanating from the field of developmental science indicates that initial risk factors for alcohol use and disorder can be evident in early childhood. One dominant developmental pathwayExpand
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Becoming an American Parent
One in five children living in the United States is an immigrant or a child of an immigrant, and 62% of these children are Latino. Through qualitative methods, this study identifies ways that LatinoExpand
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Familism Through a Developmental Lens
This article reviews an emerging literature examining the effects of familism across childhood and adolescence. Familism has been described as a Latino cultural value that emphasizes obligation,Expand
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The Influence of Cultural Identity and Perceived Barriers on College-Going Beliefs and Aspirations of Latino Youth in Emerging Immigrant Communities
Emerging immigrant communities differ from established communities in terms of needs and available resources. Students in these emerging communities may still be acculturating to new contexts andExpand
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The Protective Role of Familism in the Lives of Latino Adolescents
Familism, a Latino value that promotes loyalty, cohesiveness, and obedience within the family, predicts improved outcomes for Latino adolescents. However, few studies have tested whether familismExpand
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Social and Academic Expectations about High School for At-Risk Rural Youth.
ABSTRACT This study examines high school expectancies in a sample of at-risk, rural youth, and how these expectancies relate to 8th grade functioning, 9th grade functioning, and 9th grade experiencesExpand
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Commands, competence, and cariño: maternal socialization practices in Mexican American families.
Early research on the socialization of Latino children has posited that mothers exercise authoritarian practices, compared with lateral reasoning (authoritative) strategies emphasized by AngloExpand
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Activation, Self-management, Engagement, and Retention in Behavioral Health Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial of the DECIDE Intervention
Importance: Given minority patients’ unequal access to quality care, patient activation and self-management strategies have been suggested as a promising approach to improving mental health care. Expand
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Acculturation conflict among Latino youth: Discrimination, ethnic identity, and depressive symptoms.
OBJECTIVES Patterns of parent-adolescent conflict differ between immigrant and nonimmigrant families living in the United States (Fuligni, 1998). Despite this, there is limited empirical literatureExpand
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Ethnic Identity as a Protective Factor in the Lives of Asian American Adolescents
This study examined the buffering role of ethnic identity for Asian American adolescents living in an emerging immigrant community. A sample of 176 Asian American ninth graders completed self-reportExpand
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