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Formaldehyde release from ground root canal sealer in vitro.
In conclusion formaldehyde release from ground root canal material is low, although a risk of an allergic reaction in susceptible patients cannot be excluded. Expand
A drive for pivoting disposed on a body of a vehicle door
A device for pivoting a pivotable about a pivot axis flap, in particular a motor vehicle, with an arranged first actuator and one on the opposite side of the flap disposed the second actuating means. Expand
Recycling method of material containing cellulosic fiber and synthetic fiber
PURPOSE: To separate and recycle a fiber mixture by supplying the fiber mixture containing cellulosic fiber and the fiber composed of synthetic polymer and subjecting the mixture to a microbialExpand
Gas spring and bonnet assembly with the gas spring
Die Erfindung betrifft eine Gasfeder mit einer Mittellangsachse (A), einem ersten Ende (7), einem mit einem Fluid gefullten Zylinder (1), einem in dem Zylinder (1) verschiebbar angeordneten KolbenExpand
Spin finished aramid fiber and its use
PURPOSE: To obtain a spin finishing agent which provides a superior treating property on aramid fibers, which exhibits good filament coagulation and good antistatic property for respective filaments,Expand
Addition to the Egerian (late Oligocene–early Miocene) gastropod fauna of Esztergom (Hungary)
Additions are made to the Egerian (late Oligocene–early Miocene) gastropod fauna of Esztergom-Szentgyorgymező (Hungary) by description of 27 species, and five new species are designated. Expand