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Immunoregulatory hormones, circulating leucocyte and lymphocyte subpopulations before and after endurance exercise of different intensities.
Sixteen subjects (male, age: 26.3 +/- 3.5 years, weight: 75.1 +/- 6.5 kg, maximal oxygen uptake: 53.6 +/- 6.7 ml.min-1.kg-1) performed endurance exercises at 100% (exhaustive), and 85% (limited) ofExpand
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Domestic appliance for laundry care
The invention relates to a domestic appliance for care of laundry items, comprising a container (2) for receiving laundry items, a process air guide (3) which is connected to the container (2),Expand
Potentiometric titration of monomeric hemoglobins (chironomus th.th.) by a highly resolving differential titrator
The direct registration of differential titration curves using two glass electrodes is one of the most accurate methods for potentiometric titration of acids (or bases) (1,2). The essential advantageExpand