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Semi‐empirical analysis of Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxies – I. Spectral synthesis method
The study of stellar populations in galaxies is entering a new era with the availability of large and high-quality data bases of both observed galactic spectra and state-of-the-art evolutionaryExpand
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The chemical composition of metal-poor emission-line galaxies in the Data Release 3 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
We have re-evaluated empirical expressions for the abundance determination of N, O, Ne, S, Cl, Ar and Fe taking into account the latest atomic data and constructing an appropriate grid ofExpand
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Alternative diagnostic diagrams and the 'forgotten' population of weak line galaxies in the SDSS
A numerous population of weak line galaxies (WLGs) is often left out of statistical studies on emission-line galaxies (ELGs) due to the absence of an adequate classification scheme, since classicalExpand
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A comprehensive classification of galaxies in the SDSS: How to tell true from fake AGN?
We use the W Hα versus [NII]/Hα (WHAN) diagram introduced by us in previous work to provide a comprehensive emission-line classification of Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxies. This classification isExpand
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Semi‐empirical analysis of Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxies – III. How to distinguish AGN hosts
This paper considers the techniques to distinguish normal star-forming (NSF) galaxies and active galactic nuclei (AGNs) hosts using optical spectra. The observational data base is a set of 20000Expand
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A VLT study of metal-rich extragalactic H II regions - I. Observations and empirical abundances
We have obtained spectroscopic observations from 3600 Ato 9200 Awith FORS at the Very Large Telescope for approximately 70 H iiregions located in the spiral galaxies NGC 1232, NGC 1365, NGC 2903, NGCExpand
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Biases in abundance derivations for metal-rich nebulae
Using ab-initio photoionization models of giant H ii  regions, we test methods for abundance determinations based on a direct measurement of the electron temperature, now possible even for moderateExpand
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The history of star-forming galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
This paper, the sixth in the Semi-Empirical Analysis of Galaxies series, studies the evolution of 82 302 star-forming (SF) galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Star formation histories (SFHs)Expand
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The Canada-France Redshift Survey XII: Nature of emission-line field galaxy population up to z = 0.3
We present a spectroscopic study of the 138 field galaxies to a redshift z = 0.3 from the I-selected Canada-France Redshift Survey. 117 (85%) spectra exhibit at least H� in emission, the remaining 21Expand
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We have constructed a grid of models representing an H II region produced by an evolving starburst embedded in a gas cloud of the same metallicity. The models were produced with the spectral energyExpand
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