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Iraqi Kurdistan: Political Development and Emergent Democracy
1. Introduction 2. Theory and Methodology 3. Contextual Analysis 4. The Development of the Party Political System 5. The Organizational Structure and Decision-Making Processes of the KurdishExpand
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The Future of Iraq: Dictatorship, Democracy, or Division?
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The Islamic State, the Kurdistan Region and the future of Iraq: assessing UK policy options
The fall of Mosul in June of 2014 was followed in July by the establishment of a self-proclaimed Caliphate by the Islamic State of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Since then, the Islamic State has continued toExpand
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Unrecognized States in the International System
Introduction: Unrecognized States in the International System Nina Caspersen and Gareth Stansfield Part 1: Concepualizing Unrecognized States 1. Theorizing Unrecognized States: Sovereignty,Expand
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Crisis in Kirkuk: The Ethnopolitics of Conflict and Compromise
List of Abbreviations Introduction PART I. KIRKUK AND ITS ENVIRONS Chapter 1. Kirkuk before Iraq Chapter 2. Kirkuk in the Twentieth Century PART II. THREE ETHNOPOLITICAL PERSPECTIVES Chapter 3. TheExpand
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The unravelling of the post‐First World War state system? The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the transformation of the Middle East
Ten years after regime change in Iraq, the Kurdistan Region has emerged as a transformative force in the international affairs of the Middle East. The Kurds have moved to being architects of the newExpand
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The Day After: What to Expect in post-Islamic State Mosul
Over recent months, the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq has lost territory to the Syrian army, opposition forces in Syria, the reorganised Iraqi Security Forces and the Hashed Al-Sha’bi (PopularExpand
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Iraq: People, History, Politics
* Contents * Preface and Acknowledgements * Introduction: Artificiality, Identity, Dictatorship, and State-Building * Four Key Debates * Analytical Theme * Book Outline * Chapter 1: Legacies ofExpand
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The transition to democracy in Iraq: Historical legacies, resurgent identities and reactionary tendencies
person—in every civilization. Throughout history, freedom has been threatened by war and terror; it has been challenged by the clashing wills of powerful states and the evil designs of tyrants; andExpand
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Crisis in Kirkuk
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