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Proinflammatory S100A12 can activate human monocytes via Toll-like receptor 4.
RATIONALE S100A12 is overexpressed during inflammation and is a marker of inflammatory disease. Furthermore, it has been ascribed to the group of damage-associated molecular pattern molecules thatExpand
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Genetics of human susceptibility to active and latent tuberculosis: present knowledge and future perspectives.
Tuberculosis is an ancient human disease, estimated to have originated and evolved over thousands of years alongside modern human populations. Despite considerable advances in disease control,Expand
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Mechanisms of HIV-1 Control
Purpose of ReviewHIV-1 infection is of global importance, and still incurs substantial morbidity and mortality. Although major pharmacologic advances over the past two decades have resulted inExpand
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Resilience and Locus of Control of Parents Having a Child with Intellectual Disability
Understanding the resilience of parents is gaining importance in the field of intellectual disability as a process of making quality adaptations involved in raising a child with intellectualExpand
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Stool microbiome reveals diverse bacterial ureases as confounders of oral urea breath testing for Helicobacter pylori and Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Bamako, Mali.
Detection of bacterial urease activity has been utilized successfully to diagnose Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). While Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) also possesses an active urease,Expand
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Pharmacologic Exhaustion of Suppressor Cells with Tasquinimod Enhances Bacterial Clearance during Tuberculosis
respiratory support during neonatal intensive care with existing monitoring tools focusing on ventilation alone. A further strength of this case report is the lack of any adjunctive respiratoryExpand
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Intracellular HIV-1 RNA and CD4+ T-cell activation in patients starting antiretrovirals
Objective: To assess if the reduction in HIV-1 RNA in CD4+ T cells is correlated with the persistence of immune activation following early antiretroviral therapy (ART). Design: Clinical trialExpand
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Parents' expectations from rehabilitation services for their children with cerebral palsy: A retrospective study
Background: Early identification and intervention has brought change in the societies towards disability and its management. However, dependency on drug-cure (medical model) has influenced theExpand
OR6-001 - S100A12 as pro-inflammatory TLR4 ligand
The granulocyte-specific Ca2+-binding protein S100A12 is overexpressed during autoinflammation as well as other inflammatory conditions in humans and has been ascribed to the group ofExpand