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Mechanics of Composite Structures
Preface List of symbols 1. Introduction 2. Displacements, strains, stresses 3. Laminated composites 4. Thin plates 5. Sandwich plates 6. Beams 7. Beams with shear deformation 8. Shells 9. FiniteExpand
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Moisture Absorption and Desorption of Composite Materials
Expressions are presented for the moisture distribution and the mois ture content as a function of time of one dimensional homogeneous and composite materials exposed either on one side or on bothExpand
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Curing of Epoxy Matrix Composites
Models were developed which describe the curing process of composites constructed from continuous fiber-reinforced, thermosetting resin matrix prepreg materials. On the basis of the models, aExpand
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Heat of Reaction, Degree of Cure, and Viscosity of Hercules 3501-6 Resin
The heat of reaction, degree of cure, and viscosity of Hercules 3501-6 resin were measured using a differential scanning calorimeter and a disc and plate type viscometer. Expression were developedExpand
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Environmental effects on composite materials
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A Model of the Manufacturing Process of Thermoplastic Matrix Composites
A model is presented of the steps involved in the manufacturing process of semicrystal line thermoplastic matrix composites. The model relates the temperature and pressure ap plied during processingExpand
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Thermal Conductivities of Unidirectional Materials
In this paper the composite thermal conductivities of unidirec tional composites are studied and expressions are obtained for pre dicting these conductivities in the directions along and normal toExpand
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Effects of Cure Pressure on Resin Flow, Voids, and Mechanical Properties
The effects of cure pressure on resin flow, compaction, void content, and mechanical properties of fiber reinforced composites were investigated. Tests were performed on lami nates made of FiberiteExpand
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Manufacturing Process Models for Thermoplastic Composites
Models were developed which simulate the processing of thermoplastic matrix composites. The models relate the applied temperature, pressure, speed, and time to the temperature, crystallinity,Expand
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Strength of Mechanically Fastened Composite Joints
A method is presented for predicting the failure strength and failure mode of mechanically fastened fiber reinforced composite laminates. The method in cludes two steps. First, the stressExpand
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