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Die endoluminale Therapie des infrarenalen Bauchaortenaneurysmas - ein neues interventionelles Verfahren
Endoluminal repair of infrarenal AAA with use of dacron covered nitinol stent-grafts is feasible, safe and clinically effective, however, careful long-term evaluation is necessary.
Perkutane Katheterangioplastik der Arteria subclavia
: Percutaneous transluminal balloon-catheter dilatation successfully removed the stenosis in three out of four patients with obstruction of a subclavian artery. The arm oscillogram became normal and
Behandlungsstrategien bei therapierefraktärer Angina pectoris: Transmyokardiale Laserrevaskularisation
TMLR significantly improves clinical status and treadmill stress tolerance, but does not change function, perfusion, and metabolism.
Extracranielle Aneurysmen der Arteria carotis interna - ein Hals-, Nasen-, Ohrenärztliches Problem?
Even for asymptomatic aneurysms the present therapeutic concept consists of a multidisciplinary surgical approach with attempted vascular reconstruction, since spontaneous rupture may occur at any moment.
“Myxoma-Syndrom”– eine “benigne” Erkrankung mit “malignem” Krankheitsverlauf
The diagnosis of a “myxoma syndrome” was established based on a positive family history of cardiac tumors, a facially pronounced hyperpigmentation of the skin and the presence of a thyroid adenoma, which has a high frequency of unusual skin freckling.
157. Die Medianekrose der thorakalen Aorta (Erdheim, Gsell)
In 2 cases of trauma of subclavian artery and AVR-both histologic grading IV-the authors lost the patients due to poor vascular wall, unable to hold the sutures, and microscopic typing also showed grade IV.