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Reduced shear stress: A major component in the ability of mammalian tissues to form three‐dimensional assemblies in simulated microgravity
BHK‐21 cells were cultured under various shear stress conditions in an Integrated Rotating‐Wall Vessel (IRWV). Shear ranged from 0.5 dyn/cm2 (simulated microgravity) to 0.92 dyn/cm2. Under simulatedExpand
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Changes in gravity inhibit lymphocyte locomotion through type I collagen
SummaryImmunity relies on the circulation of lymphocytes through many different tissues including blood vessels, lymphatic channels, and lymphoid organs. The ability of lymphocytes to traverse theExpand
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Three-dimensional modeling of T-24 human bladder carcinoma cell line: A new simulated microgravity culture vessel
We present a new device and method for culture of cell lines and primary tissues requiring high oxygen tensions. The High Aspect Rotating-Wall Vessel (HARV) described successfully propagated T-24, aExpand
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Responses of gravity level variations on the NASA/JSC bioreactor system.
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Three-dimensional growth patterns of various human tumor cell lines in simulated microgravity of a NASA bioreactor
SummaryGrowth patterns of a number of human tumor cell lines that form three-dimensional structures of various architectures when cultured without carrier beads in a NASA rotary cell culture systemExpand
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Posttranslational Processing of the Neurotensin/Neuromedin‐N Precursor
Posttranslational processing can be a key regulatory step in determining the quantity and types of products derived from precursors to biologically active peptides. 1-4 Although the “limitedExpand
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Three‐dimensional growth and differentiation of ovarian tumor cell line in high aspect rotating‐wall vessel: Morphologic and embryologic considerations
Cancer of the ovary is the leading cause of death from gynecologic malignancy. To understand better these aggressive tumors, the development of in vitro models to study human ovarian cancer isExpand
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Advances in cellular construction
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Fluid dynamics within a rotating bioreactor in space and earth environments
A mathematical model was recently developed to characterize cell-medium interactions within a Couette-flow bioreactor. To test the efficiency of the model, numerical simulations and space-flightExpand
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Cultivation of fall armyworm ovary cells in simulated microgravity
SummaryA methodology is presented to culture Fall Armyworm Ovary cells in simulated microgravity using a novel bioreactor developed by NASA, the High-Aspect Ratio Vessel. In this vessel, the growthExpand
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