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Predictors of clinical recovery from concussion: a systematic review
Objective A systematic review of factors that might be associated with, or influence, clinical recovery from sport-related concussion. Clinical recovery was defined functionally as a return to normalExpand
Epidemiology of Sports-Related Concussion in NCAA Athletes From 2009-2010 to 2013-2014
Background: The epidemiology of sports-related concussion (SRC) among student-athletes has been extensively researched. However, recent data at the collegiate level are limited. Purpose: To describeExpand
Predictors of postconcussion syndrome after sports-related concussion in young athletes: a matched case-control study.
OBJECT Sport-related concussion (SRC) is a major public health problem. Approximately 90% of SRCs in high school athletes are transient; symptoms recover to baseline within 1 week. However, a smallExpand
Baseline neurocognitive scores in athletes with attention deficit-spectrum disorders and/or learning disability.
OBJECT Up to 16% of children in the US between the ages of 3 and 17 years have either attention deficit-spectrum disorder or a learning disability (LD). Sports-related concussions among youthExpand
Biopsychosocial characteristics and neurocognitive test performance in National Football League players: an initial assessment.
  • G. Solomon, R. Haase
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Archives of clinical neuropsychology : the…
  • 1 September 2008
The use of neurocognitive testing in the assessment of professional athletes sustaining sports-related concussions has become widespread over the past decade. Baseline neurocognitive testing is now aExpand
Alterations in default-mode network connectivity may be influenced by cerebrovascular changes within 1 week of sports related concussion in college varsity athletes: a pilot study
The goal of this pilot study is to use complementary MRI strategies to quantify and relate cerebrovascular reactivity, resting cerebral blood flow and functional connectivity alterations in the firstExpand
Recovery from sports-related concussion: Days to return to neurocognitive baseline in adolescents versus young adults
Background: Sports-related concussions (SRC) among high school and collegiate athletes represent a significant public health concern. The Concussion in Sport Group (CIS) recommended greater cautionExpand
The Sport Concussion Assessment Tool: a systematic review.
OBJECTIVE Over the last 2 decades, sport-related concussion (SRC) has garnered significant attention. Even with increased awareness and athlete education, sideline recognition and real-time diagnosisExpand
What domains of clinical function should be assessed after sport-related concussion? A systematic review
Background Sport-related concussion (SRC) is a clinical diagnosis made after a sport-related head trauma. Inconsistency exists regarding appropriate methods for assessing SRC, which focus largely onExpand