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Development of the Multicultural Counseling Inventory: A self-report measure of multicultural competencies.
This article presents the Multicultural Counseling Inventory, a self-report instrument that measures multicultural counseling competencies in counselors.
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Correlates of self-reported multicultural competencies: Counselor multicultural social desirability, race, social inadequacy, locus of control racial ideology, and multicultural training.
Self-reported multicultural counseling competencies (MCCs) of 176 university counseling center staff were assessed. A 1-model multiple regression analysis, using a 4-step forced-entry method,Expand
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A Study of Acculturation Differences among International People and Suggestions for Sensitivity to Within-Group Differences.
The acculturation of international people in a midwestern university was studied. Acculturation variables of perceived prejudice, observance of cultural practices and social ties, and language usageExpand
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Moderating Effects of Sociocultural Variables on Acculturation Attitudes of Hispanics and Asian Americans.
Literature on acculturation is reviewed, and the effects of acculturation on the mental health of Hispanics and Asian Americans are discussed. In this study we attempted to understand acculturationExpand
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Eating Disorders of White American, Racial and Ethnic Minority American, and International Women
Eating attitudes and behaviors related to anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and obesity of White American, African-American, Native American, and some international women are considered from the point ofExpand
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Psychometric Properties of the American-International Relations Scale
A multidimensional instrument, the American-International Relations Scale, purports to measure the acculturation of international students, scholars, and academicians to the white-dominant society.Expand
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Internal and External Ethnic Identity and Their Correlates: A Study of Chinese American Immigrants
The measurement of internal ethnic identity and external ethnic identity showed that Chinese American immigrants could be differentiated into different identity groups. Additionally, internal ethnicExpand
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Effects of Culturally Consistent Counseling Tasks on American and International Student Observers' Perception of Counselor Credibility: A Preliminary Investigation
The researcher investigated the causes of international students' perception of counselor credibility. Student observers viewed two videotapes of simulated counseling that were determined to beExpand
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