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Cell cycle of symbiotic dinoflagellates: variation in G1 phase-duration with anemone nutritional status and macronutrient supply in the Aiptasia pulchella–Symbiodinium pulchrorum symbiosis
Abstract The metabolite exchange in alga–invertebrate symbioses has been the subject of extensive research. A central question is how the biomass of the algal endosymbionts is maintained withinExpand
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Rapid Loss of Genetic Variation in Large Captive Populations of Drosophila Flies: Implications for the Genetic Management of Captive Populations
Levels of variation in eight large captive popula- tions of D. melanogaster (census sizes -5000) that had been
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Accuracy of burn size estimation and subsequent fluid resuscitation prior to arrival at the Yorkshire Regional Burns Unit. A three year retrospective study.
The accuracy of burn size estimation and subsequent fluid administration by referring hospitals prior to arrival at the Yorkshire Regional Burns Unit over a three-year period was assessedExpand
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Nurses Work: An Analysis of the UK Nursing Labour Market
Part 1 Introduction: the National Health Service reforms nurse staffing levels and mix employee relations nurses' pay nursing education nursing "strategies" structure of the book. Part 2 The UKExpand
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Burn management in a patient with autism.
  • K. Allison, G. Smith
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  • Burns : journal of the International Society for…
  • 1 August 1998
The successful use of elective post-operative sedation and ventilation following tangential surgical excision of burns in an autistic child. non-compliant with conventional management is reported.Expand
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Audit of reactions to topical silicon used in the management of hypertrophic scars.
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Women's knowledge in Madagascar: A health needs assessment study
Abstract Nutritional and hygienic practices contribute to high morbidity and mortality rates related to malnutrition in Madagascar. This study, a research effort that brought together charitableExpand
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Sustainable animal management in Kakadu.
Giving emergency care for burns.