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Metals in some dominant vascular plants, mosses, lichens, algae, and the biological soil crust in various types of terrestrial tundra, SW Spitsbergen, Norway
Investigation of concentrations of metals in dominant species of vascular plants, mosses, lichens, algae, and in the biological soil crust (BSC), and topsoil from various types of tundra in the southwestern part of Spitsbergen, Norway indicates that mosses are more efficient bioaccumulators of Cd, Co, Cr, Cu,fe, Fe, Mn, and Zn than lichens. Expand
Stable isotope composition of plants and peat from Arctic mire and geothermal area in Iceland
The major goal of this study was to confirm that the original elements ratios, as well as the stable isotopic compositions of peat−forming plants are well preserved in a peat formed in cold regions, and may potentially be used in palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of Arctic environments. Expand
Impacts of high inter-annual variability of rainfall on a century of extreme hydrologic regime of northwest Australia
Long-term hydrologic records provide crucial reference baselines of natural variability that can be used to evaluate potential changes in hydrologic regimes and their impacts. However, there is aExpand
The altitudinal climatic effect on the stable isotope compositions of Agave and Opuntia in arid environments – A case study at the Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA
Abstract Several environmental factors potentially influence the stable isotope compositions of plants, depending on species and local environment. Although several studies have discussed theseExpand
Malaria imported to the United States from Vietnam. Chemoprophylaxis evaluated in returning soldiers.
An extremely high failure rate of the current malaria chemoprophylaxis program would appear to be a significant factor contributing to the high incidence of imported malaria occurring in the United States. Expand
13C/12C Ratio in Peat Cores: Record of Past Climates
Three carbon isotope profiles, from the raised Polish peat bogs Zieleniec, Szrenica, and Suche Bagno, representing the last millennium, have been analysed. δ13C in the peat profiles varies from −31Expand
Configuration Determinants in Visual Perception of Binary Patterns: Supplementary Report
This study corroborates and extends an earlier conclusion of Harcum (1964a) that the discriminability of elements within tachistoscopic patterns was determined by an organizational process of memory,Expand
Impacts of a changing climate on a century of extreme flood regime of northwest Australia
Impacts of a changing climate on a century of extreme flood regime of northwest Australia A. Rouillard, G. Skrzypek, S. Dogramaci, C. Turney, and P. F. Grierson West Australian Biogeochemistry CentreExpand