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The Solar–Terrestrial Environment
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Polar cap inflation and deflation
Dayside and nightside merging rates usually differ; first one dominates and then the other to maintain long-term flux balance. The polar cap, defined as the area in the ionosphere penetrated by openExpand
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On the flux and the energy spectrum of interstellar ions in the solar system
The flux density of ions created by ionization of interstellar neutral particles in the solar system and picked up by the solar wind is calculated as a function of the neutral particles. A very broadExpand
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Hill model of transpolar potential saturation: Comparisons with MHD simulations
[1] We present a comparison between a simple but general model of solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling (the Hill model) and the output of a global magnetospheric MHD code, the IntegratedExpand
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Power spectra and discontinuities of the interplanetary magnetic field - Mariner 4.
Power spectra from 3 × 10−4 to 0.5 cps based on Mariner 4 interplanetary magnetic field data show a dependence on frequency ƒ that is roughly of the form ƒ−γ with γ typically near 3/2 and essentiallyExpand
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Scaling relations governing magnetospheric energy transfer
Abstract The functional dependence on solar wind parameters of the rate of energy transfer from the solar wind into the magnetosphere is subject to constraints imposed by dimensional analysis. TheExpand
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Transpolar potential saturation: Roles of region 1 current system and solar wind ram pressure
[1] MHD simulations give about the same dependence of transpolar potential on solar wind electric field (IEF) as the Hill model of transpolar potential, including saturation and dependence on ramExpand
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Centrifugally driven diffusion of iogenic plasma
The plasma distribution around Io as measured by Voyager 1 displays an asymmetric discontinuity at Io's orbit that has been suggested to be the signature of centrifugally driven interchange diffusionExpand
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Interplanetary magnetic field control of magnetotail magnetic field geometry: IMP 8 observations
Four years of IMP 8 magnetic field measurements, 1978-1982, when ISEE 3 took upstream interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) measurements, have been analyzed to produce full cross-section magnetic mapsExpand
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Factors controlling degree of correlation between ISEE 1 and ISEE 3 interplanetary magnetic field measurements
The degree of correlation between ISEE 1 and ISEE 3 IMF measurements is highly Variable. Approximately 200 two-hour periods when the correlation was good and 200 more when the correlation was poorExpand
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