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Anthesis and seed production in Zostera marina L. (eelgrass) from the chesepeak by
Comparison of flowering events with other areas along a latitudinal gradient from North Carolina to Canada indicated that reproductive events occurred earlier in the most southern locations and at successively later dates with increasing latitude. Expand
Early Secondary Succession in Bottomland Hardwood Forests of Southeastern Virginia
The results indicate that, because of the overwhelming reliance on coppice sprouts as the main source of stems and the concomitant enhanced rates of regeneration, certain vegetative parameters of clear-cut bottomland hardwood stands would not be effective benchmarks by which to judge the relative success of creation and restoration efforts. Expand
Vegetative community structure of a tidal freshwater swamp in Virginia
The vegetative community structure of a tidal freshwater swamp in Virginia was analyzed during August and September of 1979, and the most abundant herb, Aneilemakeisak, far outranked the other species in importance during both months of sampling. Expand
Common Plants of the Mid-Atlantic Coast: A Field Guide
Seventeen species have been added to this fully updated second edition of Common Plants, and the author has added each plant's "Wetland Indicator Status," which estimates a species' frequency of occurrence in wetland habitats. Expand