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The Pierre Auger Collaboration
The Pierre Auger Collaboration has reported evidence for anisotropies in the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energies larger thanEth = 55 EeV. There is a correlation above the isotropic
Correlation of the highest-energy cosmic rays with nearby extragalactic objects.
Using data collected at the Pierre Auger Observatory during the past 3.7 years, we demonstrated a correlation between the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energy above 6 x 10(19) electron volts
Observation of a large-scale anisotropy in the arrival directions of cosmic rays above 8 × 1018 eV
The Pierre Auger Collaboration reports the observation of thousands of cosmic rays with ultrahigh energies of several exa–electron volts, arriving in a slightly dipolar distribution, showing that they originate outside the Milky Way Galaxy.
Observation of the suppression of the flux of cosmic rays above 4 x 10 (19) eV.
The energy spectrum of cosmic rays above 2.5 x 10;{18} eV, derived from 20,000 events recorded at the Pierre Auger Observatory, is described and the hypothesis of a single power law is rejected with a significance greater than 6 standard deviations.
Measurement of the depth of maximum of extensive air showers above 10{18} eV.
The measurement of the depth of maximum, X{max}, of the longitudinal development of air showers induced by cosmic rays is described and the interpretation of these results in terms of the cosmic ray mass composition is briefly discussed.
Searches for anisotropies in the arrival directions of the highest energy cosmic rays detected by the Pierre Auger Observatory
J. A. Bellido, S. G. Blaess, R. W. Clay, M. J. Cooper, B. R. Dawson, T. D. Grubb, T. A. Harrison, G. C. Hill, M. Malacari, P. H. Nguyen, S. J. Saffi, J. Sorokin, P. van Bodegom are members of The
CRPropa 3—a public astrophysical simulation framework for propagating extraterrestrial ultra-high energy particles
We present the simulation framework CRPropa version 3 designed for efficient development of astrophysical predictions for ultra-high energy particles. Users can assemble modules of the most relevant
The Pierre Auger Observatory: Contributions to the 33rd International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2013)
Contributions of the Pierre Auger Collaboration to the 33rd International Cosmic Ray Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2013