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The geometry of N = 2 Maxwell-Einstein supergravity and Jordan algebras
We construct the general coupling of nN = 2 Maxwell super-multiplets to N = 2 supergravity in five spacetime dimensions. In the case that the scalar field manifold is symmetric we find a completeExpand
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Exceptional Supergravity Theories and the MAGIC Square
Abstract We derive the magic square of Freudenthal, Rozenfeld, and Tits from the geometry of a special class of N =2 Maxwell-Einstein supergravity theories. We also show that all of these theoriesExpand
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Gauging the d = 5 Maxwell-Einstein Supergravity Theories: More on Jordan Algebras
Abstract We discuss in detail the possible gaugings, abelian and non-abelian, of a class of d = 5 Maxwell/Einstein supergravity theories for which the manifold of scalar fields is a symmetric cosetExpand
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Supersymmetry in six dimensions
Abstract We present off-shell formulations of six-dimensional supersymmetric matter and gauge theories in superspace. We construct the maximally supersymmetric YM theory in terms of d = 6Expand
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Quantum Groups in Two-Dimensional Physics
Preface 1. S-matrices, spin chains and vertex models 2. The Yang-Baxter equation - a first look 3. Bethe ansatz - some examples 4. The eight-vertex model 5. Face models 6. Quantum groups -Expand
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Entanglement of low-energy excitations in conformal field theory.
In a quantum critical chain, the scaling regime of the energy and momentum of the ground state and low-lying excitations are described by conformal field theory (CFT). The same holds true for the vonExpand
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Entanglement of excited states in critical spin chains
R?nyi and von Neumann entropies quantifying the amount of entanglement in ground states of critical spin chains are known to satisfy a universal law which is given by the conformal field theory (CFT)Expand
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The unitary supermultiplets of d = 3 anti-de Sitter and d = 2 conformal superalgebras
We classify the d = 3 anti-de Sitter and d = 2 conformal superalgebras and give a general construction of their positive energy unitary representations. The corresponding supergroups are in generalExpand
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Equivalence of the variational matrix product method and the density matrix renormalization group applied to spin chains
We study the relationship between the Density Matrix Renormalization Group (DMRG) and the variational matrix product method (MPM). In the latter method one can also define a density matrix whoseExpand
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Colloquium: Exactly solvable Richardson-Gaudin models for many-body quantum systems
The use of exactly solvable Richardson-Gaudin models to describe the physics of systems with strong pair correlations is reviewed. The article begins with a brief discussion of Richardson's earlyExpand
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