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Study and Implementation of Physical Layer Coding Used in Super Speed USB
This paper implements the DC balanced 8B/10B coding in Super speed USB which employ a very fast FPGA from Xilinx family is proposed. This technique can be used by other high speed serial buses suchExpand
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Design of ATM Accessing System for Blind using Real-Time Video Processing through Gestures
We propose to design a safer and secure ATM accessing system for the blind. Expand
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Web applications have become very popular in nowadays. Web applications can be error prone and easily exploited by attackers, because of the implementation vulnerabilities. Securing web applicationsExpand
Sarcasm detection in natural language processing
SARCASM detection is an important processing problem in natural language processing (NLP), which is needed for better understanding to serve as an interface for mutual communication between machines and humans. Expand
Design and implementation of crop yield prediction model in agriculture
Agriculture is the best utility region especially inside the developing worldwide areas like India. Usage of records age in agriculture can substitute the circumstance of decision making and FarmersExpand
Design of Content Addressable Memory
Content Addressable Memory is used to search the address by providing the data. Expand
Multiband PIFA Antenna for Mobile Handheld Devices
A Multiband planar inverted F antenna design is presented in this paper. Expand
Molecular Docking Studies of Cu(II) Complex: A Novel Therapeutic Alternative in Treating Staphylococcus aureus and Related Complications
Copper is one of the essential metal ions required by Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) as a cofactor for synthesis and activity of various enzymes which includes superoxide dismutase. Present workExpand