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Land use dynamics and landscape change pattern in a mountain watershed in Nepal
This study analyzed spatial and temporal changes in land use/land cover in a typical mountain watershed covering an area of 153 km 2 in central Nepal by comparing classified satellite images fromExpand
A Review of Forest Policies, Institutions, and Changes in the Resource Condition in Nepal
SUMMARY This paper reviews the evolution of forest policies and forestry institutions in Nepal and tracks the accompanying trends of change in the country's forest cover over the last century. OurExpand
Managing catastrophic risks in agriculture: Simultaneous adoption of diversification and precautionary savings
Abstract The use of multiple risk management tools at the same time is a common practice among the farming communities around the world. However, most of the previous studies ignored the correlationExpand
The 2004 tsunami in Aceh and Southern Thailand: A review on coastal ecosystems, wave hazards and vulnerability
Abstract In December 2004, a huge tsunami in SE Asia claimed many lives and caused catastrophic damage. This event has stimulated a debate about the role played by coastal ecosystems such as mangroveExpand
Systematizing local knowledge using GIS: fisheries management in Bang Saphan Bay, Thailand
Although local knowledge is a crucial source of information for fishery development, its generally unsystematic presentation and nebulous content makes use by policy makers or managers difficult.Expand
Factors effecting farmers’ risk attitude and risk perceptions: The case of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Farmers' risk attitude and risk perceptions are crucial factors that affect their farm production, investment and management decisions. Risk averse farmers are less willing to take on activities andExpand
Conditions for Successful Local Collective Action in Forestry: Some Evidence From the Hills of Nepal
In the context of an ongoing debate on the type of institutions or tenurial arrangements that are appropriate for the sustainable management of common pool resources (CPRs), this article examines theExpand
Forest Cover Change, Physiography, Local Economy, and Institutions in a Mountain Watershed in Nepal
This study assessed changes in forest cover in a mountain watershed in central Nepal between 1976 and 2000 by comparing classified satellite images coupled by GIS analyses, and examined theExpand
The Impact of Community Context on Land Use in an Agricultural Society
As an initial step toward new models of the population-environment relationship, this paper explores the relationship between community context and local land use in an agricultural setting. In thisExpand
Population Forces and Environmental Change: Observations from Western Chitwan, Nepal
In this article we report on preliminary observations from an ongoing longitudinal study of the reciprocal relations between population and environmental factors in Western Chitwan, Nepal (a recentlyExpand