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Observational signatures and non-Gaussianities of general single-field inflation
We perform a general study of primordial scalar non-Gaussianities in single field inflationary models. We consider models where the inflaton Lagrangian is an arbitrary function of the scalar field
Three-family supersymmetric standardlike models from intersecting brane worlds.
In addition to the minimal supersymmetric standard model particles, the model contains right-handed neutrinos, a chiral (but anomaly-free) set of exotic multiplets, and extra vectorlike multiplets.
▪ Abstract We provide a pedagogical introduction to a recently studied class of phenomenologically interesting string models known as Intersecting D-Brane Models. The gauge fields of the Standard
Minimal Simple de Sitter Solutions
We show that the minimal set of necessary ingredients to construct explicit, four-dimensional de Sitter solutions from IIA string theory at tree level are O6-planes, nonzero Romans mass parameter,
Chiral D-brane Models with Frozen Open String Moduli
Most intersecting D-brane vacua in the literature contain additional massless adjoint fields in their low energy spectrum. The existence of these additional fields make it difficult to obtain
Fencing in the swampland: quantum gravity constraints on large field inflation
A bstractIn this note we show that models of natural inflation based on closed string axions are incompatible with the weak gravity conjecture (WGC). Specifically, we use T- duality in order to map
Gravity waves and non-Gaussian features from particle production in a sector gravitationally coupled to the inflaton
We study the possibility that particle production during inflation could source observable gravity waves on scales relevant for Cosmic Microwave Background experiments. A crucial constraint on such