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Shallow Geophysical Constraints on Displacement and Segmentation of the Pahrump Valley Fault Zone
The Pahrump Valley fault zone (PVFZ) is active and represents a potential seismic hazard for Las Vegas. Combining as many as six segments over a total length of more than 100 kilometers, the PVFZ may
Shallow geophysical survey across the Pahrump Valley fault zone
A lawn and garden type tractor has a belly-mounted rotary lawn mower with a side discharge opening communicating with the forward end of a generally fore-and-aft tubular auger housing. An auger is
Seismic signals from tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean
We examine seismic signals from tsunamis for 14 earthquakes of Mw 7.1 to 8.4 in the circum‐Pacific region that generated tsunamis measured previously from tide gauges or coastal runup. Low‐frequency
Sea State and Surf Forecaster's Manual (Western Region)
Abstract : The manual is intended as a ready reference for operational techniques of wind wave, swell, and breaker forecasting.
Enhanced Resources of the SMDC Monitoring Research Program for Source Information and Data Acquisition
Abstract : The Research and Development Support Services (RDSS) project of the Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) provides a range of resources and services for use in nuclear explosion
Advancement of global infrasound event location capabilities for nuclear monitoring has been limited until recently because there were few permanent infrasound stations. The recent completion of