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Pd-catalyzed C-H oxygenation with TFA/TFAA: expedient access to oxygen-containing heterocycles and late-stage drug modification.
Acid brings the oxygen: a general method for palladium-catalyzed C-H oxygenation has been developed for the facile synthesis of a wide range of functionalized phenols with readily available arylExpand
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Regio- and chemoselective C-H chlorination/bromination of electron-deficient arenes by weak coordination and study of relative directing-group abilities.
Aromatic chlorides are an important class of compounds utilized in drug and natural product syntheses. Today, about 85% of all pharmaceuticals contain or are manufactured using chlorine. By far theExpand
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An efficient palladium-catalyzed C-H alkoxylation of unactivated methylene and methyl groups with cyclic hypervalent iodine (i(3+) ) oxidants.
All the hype: The title reaction has been developed for the facile synthesis of a variety of complex alkyl ethers. Cyclic hypervalent iodine (I(3+) ) reagents serve as oxidants for this unique CHExpand
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Recent advances in transition metal (Pd, Ni)-catalyzed C(sp3)H bond activation with bidentate directing groups
In recent years, transition metal-catalyzed C(sp3)H functionalization has gradually emerged as a practical and powerful tool to prepare highly valuable chemicals. In this mini-review, we will giveExpand
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Synthesis of 2-aminophenols and heterocycles by Ru-catalyzed C-H mono- and dihydroxylation.
A novel and efficient synthesis of 2-aminophenols, 2-aminobenzene-1,3-diols, and heterocycles through Ru-catalyzed C-H mono- and dihydroxylation of anilides has been developed with a new directingExpand
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A new synthesis of pyrazoles through a Lewis acid catalyzed union of 3-ethoxycyclobutanones with monosubstituted hydrazines.
A new efficient and convenient approach toward the synthesis of pyrazoles is described. Through a Lewis acid catalyzed union of 3-ethoxycyclobutanones with monosubstituted hydrazines, a variety ofExpand
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C-H Bond Activation for the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Atropisomers Yields Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors.
Axially chiral 4-arylisoquinolones are endowed with pronounced bioactivity, and methods for their efficient synthesis have gained widespread attention. However, enantioselective synthesis of axiallyExpand
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A facile synthesis of substituted 2-alkylquinolines through [3+3] annulation between 3-ethoxycyclobutanones and aromatic amines at room temperature.
An efficient single-step approach toward the synthesis of 2-alkylquinolines is described. Through a Lewis acid mediated [3+3] annulation reaction between 3-ethoxycyclobutanones and aromatic amines, aExpand
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Broadening the catalyst and reaction scope of regio- and chemoselective C-H oxygenation: a convenient and scalable approach to 2-acylphenols by intriguing Rh(II) and Ru(II) catalysis.
A unique Rh(II) and Ru(II) catalyzed C-H oxygenation of aryl ketones and other arenes has been developed for the facile synthesis of diverse functionalized phenols. The reaction demonstratesExpand
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Some recent advances in transition-metal-catalyzed ortho SP2 C-H functionalization using Ru, Rh, and Pd
In the past decade, transition-metal-catalyzed C-H functionalization by weak coordination has emerged as a practical and powerful tool to access many valuable chemicals. Two classes of weaklyExpand
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