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Competitive Coupon Targeting
With the advent of panel data on household purchase behavior, and the development of statistical procedures to utilize this data, firms can now target coupons to selected households with considerableExpand
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Opportunism in Multilateral Vertical Contracting: Nondiscrimination, Exclusivity, and Uniformity: Comment
An input supplier selling to competing downstream firms would benefit from publicly committing at the outset to all contracts. Efficient commitment, however, would require complete contracts. TheExpand
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Unequal Treatment of Identical Agents in Cournot Equilibrium
Oligopoly models where prior actions by firms affect subsequent marginal costs have been useful in illuminating policy debates in areas such as antitrust regulation, environmental protection, andExpand
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Retail Mergers, Buyer Power and Product Variety
This Paper analyses the impact of retail mergers on product variety. We show that a merging firm may want to enhance its buyer power vis a vis suppliers by delisting products and committing to aExpand
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Defending Interests: Public-Private Partnerships in WTO Litigation
This book examines the growing interaction between private enterprises and public officials to challenge foreign trade barriers. Building on more than one hundred interviews with former and currentExpand
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On the use of low-price guarantees to discourage price cutting
Abstract This paper formulates a novel test to assess whether, and to what extent, firms might be using low-price guarantees to discourage their rivals from cutting prices. The test is based on aExpand
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Competitive One-to-One Promotions
We explore the competitive effects of one-to-one promotions in a model with two competing firms where the firms differ in size and consumers have heterogeneous brand loyalty. Expand
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Hassle Costs: The Achilles' Heel of Price‐Matching Guarantees*
We show that price-matching guarantees can facilitate monopoly pricing only if firms automatically match prices. If consumers must instead request refunds (thereby incurring hassle costs), we findExpand
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On the Incidence and Variety of Low‐Price Guarantees*
This paper provides evidence of the incidence and variety of low‐price guarantees (promises to match or beat a rival’s price) using data obtained from newspaper advertisements in 37 metropolitanExpand
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