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Grassroots innovations for sustainable development: Towards a new research and policy agenda
Abstract Innovation and community action are two important strands for sustainable development. Yet they have not hitherto been linked. Community action is a neglected, but potentially important,Expand
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Ecological Citizenship and Sustainable Consumption: Examining Local Organic Food Networks.
Abstract Sustainable consumption is gaining in currency as a new environmental policy objective. This paper presents new research findings from a mixed-method empirical study of a local organic foodExpand
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Growing Grassroots Innovations: Exploring the Role of Community-Based Initiatives in Governing Sustainable Energy Transitions
The challenges of sustainable development (and climate change and peak oil, in particular) demand system-wide transformations in sociotechnical systems of provision. An academic literature aroundExpand
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Grassroots innovations in community energy: The role of intermediaries in niche development
Community energy projects are attracting increasing attention as potential sources of innovation to support sustainable energy transitions. Research into ‘grassroots innovations’ like communityExpand
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A thousand flowers blooming? An examination of community energy in the UK
Community energy has been proposed as a new policy tool to help achieve the transition to a low-carbon energy system, but the evidence base for this strategy is partial and fragmented. We thereforeExpand
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Growing green money? Mapping community currencies for sustainable development
Parallel sustainable monetary systems are being developed by civil society groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), informed by ecological economics perspectives on development, value,Expand
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A grassroots sustainable energy niche?:Reflections on community energy in the UK
System-changing innovations for sustainability transitions are pro- posed to emerge in radical innovative niches. ‘Strategic Niche Management’ theory predicts that niche-level actors and networksExpand
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Governance for Sustainability: Towards a ‘Thick’ Analysis of Environmental Decisionmaking
Environmental decisions made by individuals, civil society, and the state involve questions of economic efficiency, environmental effectiveness, equity, and political legitimacy. These four criteriaExpand
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Public engagement with carbon and climate change: To what extent is the public ‘carbon capable’?
Abstract The relevance of climate change for society seems indisputable: scientific evidence points to a significant human contribution in causing climate change, and impacts which will increasinglyExpand
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Community action for sustainable housing: Building a low-carbon future
This paper presents a new analytical framework of 'grassroots innovations' which views community-led initiatives for sustainable development as strategic green niches with the potential for widerExpand
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