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Observations on the trawl-fisheries ofthe Bombay and Saurashtra waters,1949-50 to 1954-55
A historical account of trawling experiments made in Indian waters before the Second World War is given by Chidambaram (1953). Of these, the Bombay waters were covered by S. T. Premier in the yearExpand
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Phosphate Content of Mudbanks along the Malabar Coast
THE importance of the phosphate content of water masses as a limiting factor in their organic productivity has long been recognized. The investigations of Mortimer1, Moore2, Stephenson3 and Rochford4Expand
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Observations on the composition of bottom muds in relation to the phosphate cycle in the inshore waters of the Malabar Coast
V. SummaryData have been collected on the temperature, pH, silt colloidal matter, moisture and phosphate content of mud samples from two selected stations of the West Hill Sea along the MalabarExpand
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Oviparity in Littorina saxatilis (Olivi)
IT has always been believed in the past that all the sub-species and varieties ascribed to Littorina saxatilis (Olivi)1 are viviparous. Contrary to this, it has now been observed that some of theseExpand
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FOR the development of a scientific management policy for any fishery, it is essential to know among other things, the rate of growth of the species concerned and the changes in the age-compositionExpand
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Occurrence of Johnius hololepidotus (Lacepede ) in Indian waters
While slight changes have been introduced in the nomenclature of Indian Scia:mids by Fowler1, 2 and Weber and Beaufort,3 no species essentially different or additional to those described by DayExpand
Nomenclature of the British Littorinidae.
Phosphorus cycle in the sea with particular reference to tropical inshore waters
A brief account is given about the distribution and cycle of phosphates in the sea in the temperate and tropical waters, the recent investigations in the Indian waters being discussed in some detail.Expand
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Nomenclature of the British Littorinidæ
THE currently accepted classification of the British Littorinidæ (= Lacunidæ) is that of Winckworth1. In his earlier publication2 on the nomenclature of this group, Winckworth assigns the speciesExpand
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