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A facility to search for hidden particles at the CERN SPS: the SHiP physics case.
This paper describes the physics case for a new fixed target facility at CERN SPS. The SHiP (search for hidden particles) experiment is intended to hunt for new physics in the largely unexploredExpand
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Neutrino Mass and Spontaneous Parity Nonconservation
In weak-interaction models with spontaneous parity nonconservation, based on the gauge group $\mathrm{SU}{(2)}_{L}\ensuremath{\bigotimes}\mathrm{SU}{(2)}_{R}\ensuremath{\bigotimes}\mathrm{U}(1)$, weExpand
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Neutrino Masses and Mixings in Gauge Models with Spontaneous Parity Violation
Unified electroweak gauge theories based on the gauge group SU(2)/sub L/ x SU(2)/sub R/ x U(1)/sub B/-L, in which the breakdown of parity invariance is spontaneous, lead most naturally to a massiveExpand
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Exact Left-Right Symmetry and Spontaneous Violation of Parity
Left-right-symmetric gauge models suggested previously to describe all interactions of elementary particles within a single unified framework are further shown to have the desirable property thatExpand
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Minimal supersymmetric grand unified theory: Symmetry breaking and the particle spectrum
We discuss in detail the symmetry breaking and related issues in the minimal renormalizable supersymmetric grand unified theory. We compute the particle spectrum and study its impact on the physicalExpand
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Phase synchronization measurements using electroencephalographic recordings
In this study, we address the suitability of phase synchrony analysis in EEG recordings. Expand
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The minimal supersymmetric grand unified theory
Abstract We show that the minimal renormalizable supersymmetric SO(10) GUT with the usual three generations of spinors has a Higgs sector consisting only of a “light” 10 dimensional and “heavy” 126 ,Expand
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Left-Right Symmetry at LHC
We revisit the issue of the limit on the scale of left-right symmetry breaking. We focus on the minimal SU(2){sub L}xSU(2){sub R}xU(1){sub B-L} gauge theory with the seesaw mechanism and discuss theExpand
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Spontaneous Breakdown of Parity in a Class of Gauge Theories
We discuss an SU(2)L × SU(2)R × U(1) based left-right symmetric gauge theory in which parity is broken spontaneously. We prove that the parity broken solution is an absolute minimum of the potential.Expand
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Majorana neutrinos and the production of the right-handed charged gauge boson
A possibility of a very clean signature for the production of W/sub R//sup + -/ is pointed out. If the right-handed neutrino is lighter than W/sub R//sup + -/, left-right symmetric gauge theoryExpand
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