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Fly Ash Constituent-Silica and Alumina Role in the Synthesis and Characterization of Cordierite Based Ceramics
Abundant availability of fly ash due to the combustion of coal in thermal power plants presents a major threat to rising environmental pollution. To preserve the environment, fly ash was explored asExpand
Electro-optical and dielectric properties of TiO2 nanoparticles in nematic liquid crystals with high dielectric anisotropy
Abstract The electrical, optical and dielectric performance of high-dielectric-constant TiO2 nanoparticles (NPs) dispersed in nematic liquid crystals (NLCs) with high dielectric anisotropy isExpand
Effect of samarium doping on the structural, optical and magnetic properties of sol–gel processed BiFeO3 thin films
The influence of samarium (Sm) doping on the crystal structure, topographical and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 (BFO) thin films was investigated. BFO-based films of pure and Sm:BFO [Bi1−xSmxFeO3 (xExpand
Structural, dielectric and AC conductivity studies of Zn substituted nickel ferrites prepared by combustion technique
A series of zinc doped nickel ferrites having the chemical formula Ni1−xZnxFe2O4 [x = 0.0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.0] were synthesized by combustion method. The powder X-ray diffraction results confirmExpand
Solution Processed Inverted Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Under Ambient Air-Atmosphere
The effect of air processed polymer solar cells fabricated from conjugated polymers and fullerene derivatives poly (3-hexylthiophene) and [6, 6]-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester functioning asExpand
Structural, mechanical and magnetic study on galvanostatic electroplated nanocrystalline NiFeP thin films
Nickel based alloys has a huge applications in microelectronics and micro electromechanical systems owing to its superior soft magnetic properties. With the advantages of simplicity,Expand
Studies on vertically grown and annealed ZnO nanorods synthesized through aqueous solution process
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanostructured thin films were grown by double dip method also known as successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method on glass substrates using ammonium zincate solution. TheExpand
Influence of cerium substitution on structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of nanocrystalline Ni–Zn ferrites synthesized by combustion method
Nickel–Zinc (Ni–Zn) ferrites substituted by cerium (Ce) and having the chemical composition Ni0.5Zn0.5CexFe2−xO4 (x = 0.00, 0.02, 0.04, 0.06, 0.08 and 0.10) were synthesized by combustion methodExpand
Effect of annealing time in the low-temperature growth of BFO thin films spin coated on glass substrates
Thin films of Bismuth ferric oxide (BiFeO3) synthesised through sol–gel technique were grown on glass substrates by spin coating method. The X-ray diffraction results indicated that the annealingExpand
Effect of multiple dipping of SILAR deposited ZnO thin films by physico-chemical process
Abstract Undoped zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films were deposited on microscopic glass substrates by a chemical technique known as ‘Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction’. The technique involvesExpand