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Effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on Medical and Premedical Students
The inability to cope successfully with the enormous stress of medical education may lead to a cascade of consequences at both a personal and professional level. The present study examined theExpand
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The Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale: a cognitive-developmental measure of emotion.
The Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale (LEAS) is based on a new cognitive-developmental model of emotional experience. The scale poses evocative interpersonal situations and elicits descriptions ofExpand
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Neuroanatomical correlates of externally and internally generated human emotion.
OBJECTIVE Positron emission tomography was used to investigate the neural substrates of normal human emotional and their dependence on the types of emotional stimulus. METHOD Twelve healthy femaleExpand
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Neuroanatomical correlates of pleasant and unpleasant emotion
Substantial evidence suggests that a key distinction in the classification of human emotion is that between an appetitive motivational system association with positive or pleasant emotion and anExpand
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Neuroanatomical correlates of happiness, sadness, and disgust.
OBJECTIVE Happiness, sadness, and disgust are three emotions that differ in their valence (positive or negative) and associated action tendencies (approach or withdrawal). This study was designed toExpand
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Levels of emotional awareness: a cognitive-developmental theory and its application to psychopathology.
The authors present a cognitive-developmental theory of emotional awareness that creates a bridge between normal and abnormal emotional states. Their primary thesis is that emotional awareness is aExpand
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Neural Correlates of Levels of Emotional Awareness: Evidence of an Interaction between Emotion and Attention in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex
Recent functional imaging studies have begun to identify the neural correlates of emotion in healthy volunteers. However, studies to date have not differentially addressed the brain areas associatedExpand
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Spirituality Among Latinas/OS: Implications of Culture in Conceptualization and Measurement
Despite growing transnational migration between the United States and Latin American countries, culturally relevant conceptualizations of spirituality among Latinas/os remain lacking in healthcareExpand
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Is Alexithymia the Emotional Equivalent of Blindsight?
A fundamental tenet of psychosomatic medicine is that interference with the experience and expression of emotions can have an adverse affect on health (Taylor 1987). Early in this century it wasExpand
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