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Geodynamics : applications of continuum physics to geological problems
A comprehensive and quantitative study of the fundamental aspects of plate tectonics. Provides an introduction to heat flow, elasticity and flexure, fluid mechanics, faulting, gravity, and flow inExpand
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Geodynamics - 2nd Edition
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Phanerozoic addition rates to the continental crust and crustal growth
Phanerozoic addition rates to the continental crust are calculated by using seismic profiles through magmatic arcs to measure the crustal volumes added during the active lifespans of the arcs. DataExpand
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Thermal structure of Jupiter's atmosphere near the edge of a 5‐μm hot spot in the north equatorial belt
Thermal structure of the atmosphere of Jupiter was measured from 1029 km above to 133 km below the 1-bar level during entry and descent of the Galileo probe. The data confirm the hot exosphereExpand
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Interior composition, structure and dynamics of the Galilean satellites
Gravitational fiels of the satellites: flyby determination of C22, gravity results; Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto - interior models; Thermal considerations in the maintenance of intra-ice oceans onExpand
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Induced magnetic fields as evidence for subsurface oceans in Europa and Callisto
The Galileo spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since 7 December 1995, and encounters one of the four galilean satellites—Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto—on each orbit. Initial results from theExpand
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Venus tectonics: An overview of Magellan observations
The nearly global radar imaging and altimetry measurements of the surface of Venus obtained by the Magellan spacecraft have revealed that deformational features of a wide variety of styles andExpand
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A two‐phase model for compaction and damage: 1. General Theory
A theoretical model for the dynamics of a simple two-phase mixture is presented. A classical averaging approach combined with symmetry arguments is used to derive the mass, momentum, and energyExpand
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Enceladus: Present internal structure and differentiation by early and long-term radiogenic heating
Abstract Pre-Cassini images of Saturn's small icy moon Enceladus provided the first indication that this satellite has undergone extensive resurfacing and tectonism. Data returned by the CassiniExpand
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Discovery of Ganymede's magnetic field by the Galileo spacecraft
THE Galileo spacecraft has now passed close to Jupiter's largest moon—Ganymede—on two occasions, the first at an altitude of 838 km, and the second at an altitude of just 264 km. Here we report theExpand
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