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Syntheses, crystal structures, and density functional theory calculations of the closo-[1-M(CO)(3)(eta(4)-E(9))](4-) (E = Sn, Pb; M = Mo, W) cluster anions and solution NMR spectroscopic
The closo-[1-M(CO)(3)(eta(4)-E(9))](4-) (E = Sn, Pb; M = Mo, W) anions have been obtained by extracting the binary alloys KSn(2.05) and KPb(2.26) in ethylenediamine (en) in the presence ofExpand
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XeOF2, F2OXeN≡CCH3, and XeOF2·nHF: Rare Examples of Xe(IV) Oxide Fluorides
The syntheses of XeOF2, F2OXeN⋮CCH3, and XeOF2·nHF and their structural characterizations are described in this study. All three compounds are explosive at temperatures approaching 0 °C. AlthoughExpand
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The chemistry of xenon(IV).
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One or Several Pioneers? The Discovery of Noble‐Gas Compounds
For the general public, science history and restaurant menus share a labeling style. Like Melba peach, Soubise sauce, or tournedos Rossini, many a scientific discovery is credited to a single thinkerExpand
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The ionic isomegethic rule and additivity relationships: estimation of ion volumes. A route to the energetics and entropics of new, traditional, hypothetical, and counterintuitive ionic materials.
By virtue of our recently established relationships, knowledge of the formula unit volume, V(m), of a solid ionic material permits estimation of thermodynamic properties such as standard entropy,Expand
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Direct radiofluorination of dopamine: 18F-labeled 6-fluorodopamine for imaging cardiac sympathetic innervation in humans using positron emission tomography.
Fluorine-18 labeled fluorodopamine (FDA) was synthesized by the direct fluorination with [18F]F2 [produced by the nuclear reaction 18O(p,n)18F] of dopamine in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride containingExpand
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A Raman spectroscopic study of the XeOF4/XeF2 system and the X-ray crystal structure of α-XeOF4·XeF2
Abstract The mixed oxidation state complexes, α-XeOF 4 ·XeF 2 and β-XeOF 4 ·XeF 2 , result from the interaction of XeF 2 with excess XeOF 4 . The X-ray crystal structure of the more stable α-phaseExpand
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XeO3 Adducts of Pyridine, 4-Dimethylaminopyridine, and Their Pyridinium Salts
Abstract Xenon trioxide (XeO3), a highly shock-sensitive detonator, forms adducts with the N-bases, pyridine and 4-dimethylaminopyridine (4-DMAP). The reactions of pyridine and 4-DMAP with XeO3 inExpand
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The OsO(3)F(+) and mu-F(OsO(3)F)(2)(+) cations: their syntheses and study by Raman and (19)F NMR spectroscopy and electron structure calculations and X-ray crystal structures of [OsO(3)F][PnF(6)] (Pn
The fluoride ion donor properties of OsO(3)F(2) have been investigated. The salts [OsO(3)F][AsF(6)], [OsO(3)F][HF](2)[AsF(6)], mu-F(OsO(3)F)(2)[AsF(6)], [OsO(3)F][HF](2)[SbF(6)], andExpand
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