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The strobilurins--new antifungal antibiotics from the basidiomycete Strobilurus tenacellus.
The strobilurins are two antifungal antibiotics which were isolated from the mycelium of Strobilurus tenacellus strain No. 21602. The strobilurins A and B are highly active against yeasts andExpand
Antibiotics from basidiomycetes. IX. Oudemansin, an antifungal antibiotic from Oudemansiella mucida (Schrader ex Fr.) Hoehnel (Agaricales).
From mycelial cultures of Oudemansiella mucida a crystalline optically active antibiotic, oudemansin (2), has been isolated; its structure is closely related to strobilurin A (1). The relativeExpand
Antibiotics from basidiomycetes. X. Scorodonin, a new antibacterial and antifungal metabolite from Marasmius scorodonius (Fr.) Fr.
Scorodonin (1), a novel biologically active metabolite, was isolated from submerged cultures of the mushroom Marasmius scorodonius (FR.) FR. Its structure has been determined by chemical and physicalExpand
Antibiotics from basidiomycetes. VII. Crinipellin, a new antibiotic from the basidiomycetous fungus Crinipellis stipitaria (Fr.) Pat.
A crystalline antibiotic, which we have named crinipellin, was isolated from submerged cultures of the basidiomycete Crinipellis stipitaria, strain No. 7612. High resolution mass spectrometry yieldedExpand
Synthesis and Kinetic Characterisation of Water‐Soluble Fluorogenic Acyl Donors for Transglutaminase 2
Small glutamate‐containing peptides bearing coumarin derivatives as fluorescent leaving groups attached to the γ‐carboxylic acid group of the Glu residue were synthesised and investigated with regardExpand
Tris‐Chelating Oxygen Ligands: New Synthetic Routes to Sterically Demanding Ligands
The lithium and sodium compounds A[P(O)R2] (A+ = Li+, Na+; R = OPh, OiPr) have been prepared in situ from Hp(O)R2 and butyllithium or sodium hydride. They react with the cyclopentadienyl complexesExpand
Tripodal oxygen and tripodal nitrogen ligands in hydroformylation reactions: formation of novel rhodium(III) carbonyl bis(acyl) complexes
Abstract The rhodium(I) complexes TpmsRh(CO) 2 ( 1 ) and TpmsRh(cod) ( 2 ) of the tripodal nitrogen ligand tris(pyrazolyl)methanesulfonate, Tpms − =[(pz) 3 CSO 3 ] − , catalyze the hydroformylationExpand
[Histological, histochemical and autoradiographical studies on the effect of Varicocid on rabbit joints].