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Quantum-state engineering with Josephson-junction devices
Quantum-state engineering, i.e., active control over the coherent dynamics of suitable quantum-mechanical systems, has become a fascinating prospect of modern physics. With concepts developed inExpand
Quantum dynamics of tunneling between superconductors
A functional integral formulation is used to treat the quantum dynamics of a microscopic model of a Josephson junction, including the dissipative effects of quasiparticle tunneling. The calculationExpand
Quantum measurements performed with a single-electron transistor
Low-capacitance Josephson junction systems as well as coupled quantum dots, in a parameter range where single charges can be controlled, provide physical realizations of quantum bits, discussed inExpand
Kondo quantum dot coupled to ferromagnetic leads : Numerical renormalization group study
We systematically study the influence of ferromagnetic leads on the Kondo resonance in a quantum dot tuned to the local moment regime. We employ Wilson’s numerical renormalization group method,Expand
Conductance of a hydrogen molecule
Recently Smit et al. [Nature 419, 906 (2002)] have reported that a single hydrogen molecule can form a bridge between Pt electrodes, which has a conductance close to one quantum unit, carried by aExpand
Quantum Manipulations of Small Josephson Junctions
Low-capacitance Josephson junction arrays in the parameter range where single charges can be controlled are suggested as possible physical realizations of the elements which have been considered inExpand
Pre-Selectable Integer Quantum Conductance of Electrochemically Fabricated Silver Point Contacts
The controlled fabrication of well-ordered atomic-scale metallic contacts is of great interest: it is expected that the experimentally observed high percentage of point contacts with a conductance atExpand
Full counting statistics of interacting electrons
In order to fully characterize the noise associated with electron transport, with its severe consequences for solid-state quantum information systems, the theory of full counting statistics has beenExpand
Biomolecular Structure Prediction Stochastic Optimization Methods
Biomolecular structure prediction remains an important challenge to biophysical chemistry. We recently developed an all-atom free energy force field (PFF01) for protein structure prediction withExpand