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Bcl-2 promotes regeneration of severed axons in mammalian CNS
Most neurons of the mammalian central nervous system (CNS) lose the ability to regenerate severed axons in vivo after a certain point in development1. At least part of this loss in regenerativeExpand
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Two visual systems.
Visual systems of hamster brain, discussing relative visual localization and discrimination blindness produced by ablation of cortical or tectal areas
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Early lesions of superior colliculus: factors affecting the formation of abnormal retinal projections.
Development, brain Hamster, Syrian (golden) Plasticity, neuronal Retinal projections Superior colliculus Thalamus, afferents Visual function Abstract The longest fibers of the main optic tract reachExpand
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Development of cell and fiber lamination in the mouse superior colliculus
The emergence of laminar organization in the superior colliculus was investigated in the mouse with several anatomical methods, including tritiated‐thymidine autoradiography, Golgi impregnation, andExpand
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Nano neuro knitting: peptide nanofiber scaffold for brain repair and axon regeneration with functional return of vision.
Nanotechnology is often associated with materials fabrication, microelectronics, and microfluidics. Until now, the use of nanotechnology and molecular self assembly in biomedicine to repair injuredExpand
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Intrinsic changes in developing retinal neurons result in regenerative failure of their axons.
The failure of mature mammalian central nervous system axons to regenerate after transection is usually attributed to influences of the extraneuronal milieu. Using explant cocultures of retina andExpand
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Early Lesions of Superior Colliculus: Factors Affecting the Formation of Abnormal Retinal Projections; pp. 91–109
The longest fibers of the main optic tract reach the upper layers of the superior colliculus (SC) of the midbrain. Destruction of this terminal area in newborn hamsters caused striking anomalies inExpand
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Olfactory Bulb Removal Eliminates Mating Behavior in the Male Golden Hamster
Mating behavior in sexually naive and sexually experienced male golden hamsters was totally eliminated by removing their olfactory bulbs. In contrast, the mating behavior in blinded, unilaterallyExpand
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Contrasting visuomotor functions of tectum and cortex in the golden hamster
  • G. Schneider
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  • 1967
ZusammenfassungVisuell gesteuerte Orientierung (räumliche Lokalisation) und visuelles Unterscheidungsvermögen beim Goldhamster werden durch Hirnläsionen funktionell getrennt. Nach Entfernung derExpand
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Nano hemostat solution: immediate hemostasis at the nanoscale.
Hemostasis is a major problem in surgical procedures and after major trauma. There are few effective methods to stop bleeding without causing secondary damage. We used a self-assembling peptide thatExpand
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