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Money Makes the EU Go Round: The Objective Foundations of Conflict in the Council of Ministers
Many examinations of the dimensions of conflict in the European Union Council of Ministers focus on the ideological roots of contestation in the EU. This article examines the extent to whichExpand
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The Contested Council: Conflict Dimensions of an Intergovernmental EU Institution
Recent research has tried to uncover the political space in which the Council of Ministers of the European Union decides. Rather than the left-right conflict or a cleavage between governments withExpand
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War and the World Economy
One of the perennial questions in the scientific study of war is how war affects the economy. The authors examine the influence that the political developments within three war regions had on globalExpand
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Who Mediates? the Political Economy of International Conflict Management
Studies on international mediation have traditionally focused on the effectiveness of international efforts to settle or resolve militarized conflicts. In this article, we start from a differentExpand
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Globalization and Peace: Assessing New Directions in the Study of Trade and Conflict
`Globalization' has largely superseded the term `economic interdependence' to describe the rapidly growing links between nations, economies, and societies. The effects that the internationalizationExpand
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Bargaining Power in the European Union: An Evaluation of Competing Game-Theoretic Models
This article evaluates, by drawing on Barry's distinction between ‘power’ and ‘luck’, the predictive accuracy of competing bargaining models. We explore whether models that take various facets ofExpand
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The impact of Legislative Deterrence Measures on the Number of Asylum Applications in Switzerland (1986-1995)
In the late eighties and early nineties, almost all Western European nations adopted an increasingly restrictive policy towards the growing number of asylum seekers. We develop a push-and-pull mode...
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Same menu, seperate tables: The institutionalist turn in political science and the study of European integration
Recent research on European integrationhas largely profited from the institutionalist turn inpolitical science. Theoretical progress has, however,been hampered by the diverse understandings ofExpand
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When Globalization Discontent Turns Violent: Foreign Economic Liberalization and Internal War
One of the disputed consequences of global economic integration is the possible effect that foreign economic liberalization exerts on social cohesion. Proponents of commercial liberalism seeExpand
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The change of Tide in Political Cooperation : a limited information model of European integration
European integration follows a puzzling stop-and-go pattern that traditional international reations theories cannot fully explain. The predominating paradigms only account for either the achievementsExpand
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