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Language and identity
Whole body vibration training reduces plantar foot sensitivity but improves balance control of healthy subjects
The goal of this study was to investigate the effects of short-time whole body vibration (WBV) training on foot vibration sensitivity of healthy subjects. Furthermore, the effects of WBV on a balanceExpand
Territorializing ethnicity: the imposition of a model of statehood on pastoralists in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia
Abstract The idea of the nation state has penetrated Kenya and Ethiopia deeply at a level much below the ‘nation’ state. In the colonial period districts and grazing reserves were delineatedExpand
Pathways of migrant incorporation in Germany
Author(s): Glick Schiller, Nina; Nieswand, Boris; Schlee, Gunther; Darieva, Tsypylma; Yalcin-Heckmann, Lale; Foszto, Laszlo | Abstract: In this essay we examine five different pathways by whichExpand
Max Planck InstItute for socIal anthroPology
Cultures as discrete, isolated, countable units have been contested in anthropological writings in recent decades, and few anthropologists would now subscribe to a notion of humankind being the sumExpand
Plantar pressure distribution, rearfoot motion and ground reaction force after long distance running
The objective of this study was to investigate ground reaction forces (GRF), rearfoot motion and plantar pressure distribution (PPD) variables before and after long distance treadmill running in aExpand
Lands of the future: transforming pastoral lands and livelihoods in eastern Africa
Pastoral and agro-pastoral areas in eastern Africa and elsewhere on the continent have long been regarded as peripheries, especially in economic terms, but also in terms of social and culturalExpand
Foot sole skin temperature affects plantar foot sensitivity
OBJECTIVE Factors like age and polyneuropathic diseases are known to influence foot sensitivity and are considered when applying quantitative sensory testing. However, the effects of temperature onExpand