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Temperature distribution in tissue during laser irradiation
SummaryDuring irradiation with an Ar+- and Kr+-laser the temperature rise in living and dead tissue was measured in various depths. The contribution of the blood flow to the heat transport duringExpand
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High-speed asynchronous optical sampling based on GHz Yb:KYW oscillators.
A low-cost scheme of high-speed asynchronous optical sampling based on Yb:KYW oscillators is reported. Two GHz diode-pumped oscillators with a slight pulse repetition rate offset serve as pump andExpand
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A low cost compact CCD grating spectrometer
The authors describe a grating spectrometer consisting of a slit, a transmission holographic grating, a lens, and a CCD (charge coupled device) camera. A frame grabber equipped in a computerExpand
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Two-colour high-speed asynchronous optical sampling based on offset-stabilized Yb:KYW and Ti:sapphire oscillators.
We present a high-speed asynchronous optical sampling system, based on two different Kerr-lens mode-locked lasers with a GHz repetition rate: An Yb:KYW oscillator and a Ti:sapphire oscillator areExpand
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Output power saturation in high current regions of different noble-gas ion lasers
Detailed experiments with cw noble gas ion lasers in high current regions are reported. Optimum lasing conditions and saturation behaviour of individual laser transitions in singly and doubly ionizedExpand
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Evaluation of Lead Finishes for Microcircuit Packages.
Abstract : Oxidation studies made on several vendor Fe-Ni-Co (ASTM-F15) glass sealing alloys show these alloys to differ in both rate of oxidation and adherence of the oxide to the metal. DifferencesExpand
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Solderability testing of microcircuits
Abstract : Solderability tests were performed on Fe-Ni-Co and Fe-Ni microelectronic lead base materials with surface preparations as required by MIL-M-38510C. Test samples were used from fourExpand
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[A procedure for testing the permeation of dissolved active agents through polyethylene. 85: Contributions to problems concerning the use of plastic containers for liquid pharmaceutical preparations].
The transfer principle is used for determining the amount of substance that has permeated through polyethylene. The transfer behaviour informs about the permeation of soluted substances contained inExpand
Axial and radial ion movement in the plasma of an ion laser
This paper presents a theory of ion movement in the plasma of a cw ion laser considering all ions in a cross-section of the discharge tube collectively. Results are given for an experimental study ofExpand