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Experimental Determination of Two-Phase Flow Rates of Hydrocarbons Through Restrictions
Accurate prediction of flow rate through a given restriction is important in the design of pressure relief and blowdown systems. While this prediction is well understood for single-phase gases andExpand
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Multiple time-step methods in molecular dynamics
A new method for molecular dynamics computer simulations, called the multiple time-step (MTS) method, is described, in which two or more time steps of different lengths are used to integrate theExpand
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Blowdown of LPG Pipelines
In order to be able properly to assess the hazards associated with the rapid depressurization or blowdown of an oil, gas or condensate pipeline, there is a need to be able to predict fluid pressure,Expand
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Computer simulation of a gas–liquid surface. Part 1
The gas–liquid surface of a system of Lennard-Jones (12, 6) molecules has been simulated by Monte Carlo and by Molecular Dynamic methods at temperatures which span most of the liquid range. ForExpand
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Computer simulation of the gas/liquid surface
The gas/liquid surface of a system of 255 Lennard-Jones (12,6) molecules has been simulated by Monte Carlo sequences at three reduced temperatures which span most of the liquid range. The results atExpand
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Thermodynamics for chemical engineers
This textbook covers the themodynamics needed by chemical engineers both in their engineering and in their chemistry; it is intended for use in all undergraduate and some graduate-level courses. TheExpand
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Rapid depressurization of pressure vessels
Abstract Experiments were conducted on the rapid depressurization of large pressure vessels. Measurements taken included the pressure, temperatures at a large number of positions both within theExpand
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Blowdown of Pipelines
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Modelling of two-phase blowdown from pipelines—II. A simplified numerical method for multi-component mixtures
Abstract A simplified numerical method is proposed to solve general two-phase flow equations for multi-component mixtures. The method is applied to solve the marginal stability model proposed in theExpand
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