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Strategies for assessing and managing organizational stakeholders
Executive Overview To cope with the environmental turbulence and uncertainty facing many U.S. industries, business executives must effectively manage their stakeholders. Stakeholders include thoseExpand
Role-Conflict, Ambiguity, and Overload - a 21-Nation Study
The extent of role conflict, role ambiguity, and role overload reported by middle managers from 21 nations was related to national scores on power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, an...
Behavioral integrity for safety, priority of safety, psychological safety, and patient safety: a team-level study.
This article clarifies how leader behavioral integrity for safety helps solve follower's double bind between adhering to safety protocols and speaking up about mistakes against protocols. PathExpand
Using resource dependency theory to measure the environment in health care organizational studies: a systematic review of the literature.
BACKGROUND Studies using the resource dependency theory (RDT) perspective commonly focus on one or more of the following environmental dimensions: munificence, dynamism, and complexity. To date, noExpand
An elaboration of the meaning of interaction involvement: Toward the development of a theoretical concept
The purpose of this research is to clarify and extend the meaning of interaction involvement. Three related studies are reported in this endeavor. The first study examines the factor structure of theExpand
Stakeholder analysis for multi‐sector innovations
Business‐to‐business technology development firms face a unique set of challenges when participating in the opportunities made possible by emerging multi‐sector innovations. The greatest challengeExpand
Dual‐concern models suggest that “concern about self” and “concern about other” motivate individuals to choose conflict‐handling strategies. We test those assumptions with a study of the cognitionsExpand
Rework and workarounds in nurse medication administration process: Implications for work processes and patient safety
Background: Health care organizations have redesigned existing and implemented new work processes intended to improve patient safety. As a consequence of these process changes, there are nowExpand
Stakeholder Collaboration: Implications for Stakeholder Theory and Practice
relationships within these social partnerships. Social part? nerships are collectivities of organizations that come together to solve "messy problems" that cannot typically be solved by anExpand
Stakeholder Dynamics during the Project Front-End: The Case of Nuclear Waste Repository Projects
Understanding stakeholder dynamics and their impact on project management is crucial, especially for large and complex projects such as nuclear waste repositories. This study examines the stakeholderExpand