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Reducing implicit racial preferences: I. A comparative investigation of 17 interventions.
Many methods for reducing implicit prejudice have been identified, but little is known about their relative effectiveness. We held a research contest to experimentally compare interventions forExpand
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Using Support Vector Machine to identify imaging biomarkers of neurological and psychiatric disease: A critical review
Standard univariate analysis of neuroimaging data has revealed a host of neuroanatomical and functional differences between healthy individuals and patients suffering a wide range of neurological andExpand
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How to Accurately Detect Autobiographical Events
We describe a new method, based on indirect measures of implicit autobiographical memory, that allows evaluation of which of two contrasting autobiographical events (e.g., crimes) is true for a givenExpand
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Startle reflex and emotion modulation impairment after a right amygdala lesion.
In the present study, startle responses during resting states as well as during the presentation of a set of emotive slides were recorded from a 32-year-old male patient with a rare localized lesionExpand
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Semantic Relevance and Semantic Disorders
Semantic features are of different importance in concept representation. The concept elephant may be more easily identified from the feature <trunk> than from the feature <four legs>. We propose aExpand
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Predicting outcomes of decisions in the brain
When making decisions, the outcomes of different choices play an important role. Feedback is mainly processed in terms of gains and losses. It is as yet unclear whether this distinction holds forExpand
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The oyster with four legs: A neuropsychological study on the interaction of visual and semantic information
Abstract In this paper we report an investigation conducted on a brain-damaged patient who presents a selective impairment in processing elements of some semantic categories, in particular animals,Expand
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Striatal dopamine transporter alterations in ADHD: pathophysiology or adaptation to psychostimulants? A meta-analysis.
BACKGROUND Striatal dopamine transporter abnormalities are thought to underlie the pathophysiology and psychostimulant treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However,Expand
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