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The Oxide Handbook
The structure of the second edition of this handbook has not undergone any major changes; however, certain corrections and improvements have been made in the content of certain chapters.
Imperfection of carbon sublattice: Effect on the properties of refractory carbides of transition metals
The paper outlines comprehensive research of the physical and technical properties possessed by monocarbides of transition metals from groups IV and V of the Periodic Table within their homogeneity
Ion-Exchange Sorption and Preparative Chromatography of Biologically Active Molecules
This book deals with the physico-chemical principles underlying ion exchange sorption and chromatog aphy. It does not cover in any detail the experimental and instrumental aspects of practical
The Reaction of Refractory Carbides with Molten Steels and Cast Irons
A study has been made of the reaction between the refractory carbides of metals of groups IV to VI and molten carbon and alloy steels and cast irons containing various forms of graphite. The reaction
Adhesion of liquid nickel to materials of the Si3N4-ZrO2 and Si3N4-Cr2O3 systems
ConclusionsRefractory silicon nitride materials containing up to 50 wt.% of chromic and zirconium oxides (stabilized with CaO) are suitable for applications involving contact with liquid nickel.
Refractory coatings; Tugoplavkie pokrytiya
Methods and technological schemes for making refractory coatings on machine parts and devices are discussed. Data are presented on physical and physico-technical properties, and work on the use of
Properties of alloys of niobium and titanium carbides in their homogeneity region
Conclusions1.A study was made of the lattice parameters, microhardness, and electrical resistivity of binary solid solutions of niobium and titanium carbides (TiC = 25, 50, and 75 mol.%) in their