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Effect of D-sorbitol on the absorption and transfer of nutrients from mother to fetus.
Nutritional status of alcoholics.
Syntheses of Astatobenzene
Until recently the data concerning the preparation and stability of organic astatine compounds were rather uncertain. One of the first substances to be studied in this field has been astatobenzene,Expand
Preparation and Properties of the Astatoacetic Acid
Aktivität dem Bi angehört. Der Kern Bi ist stark neutronenarm. Für den Zerfall eines solchen Kerns kommen außer der Möglichkeit eines α-Zerfalls die Positronenemission, der Elektroneneinfang oder,Expand
Synthesis and Properties of N-Alkylastatides
Some years ago it was shown [1] that heterogeneous labelling of organic compounds is possible by making use of a gas Chromatograph column in which the radioactive nuclides are supported by theExpand
Rat liver storage iron and plasma ferritin during D-galactosamine-HCl-induced hepatitis.
1. D-Galactosamine-HCl induces toxic hepatitis in the rat and was used as a model to study some aspects of iron metabolism during liver cell damage. Some changes in iron metabolism were similar toExpand
New Thiodepsipeptide for controlling endoparasites and a simple method for their preparation
The invention relates to cyclic thiodepsipeptides, especially 18 to 24-link cyclothiodepsipeptides, cyclic thiodepsipeptides and their salts. These cyclic thiodepsipeptides are of general formulaExpand